In constant need to learn

CPL trainings are highly interactive, experiential and motivational events for the development of critical organizational and personal competencies.

Topics of our training programmes cover the needs of today’s organizations. They are aligned with the critical competency catalogue for today’s organisational success, which includes leadership, innovation, complexity, meaningful conversation, cross-silos collaboration, design thinking, high performance and integration of different cultures, strategies and business models. We combine our knowledge and experience to build an inspiring and comprehensive learning experience.

To become competent means to gain knowledge, skills and abilities. These dimensions are integrated into CPL trainings in creative ways, always customized according to the topic and context of the group.

Who it is for?

CPL works with all organizational levels: senior managers, middle managers, team leaders, experts like human resources, project managers, communication managers, engineers, sales experts, trainers, consultants… One of our expertise is supporting diversity – working with different organisation levels in the same training!

Each training is customized according to the group, and for us is important to know what is the purpose of participation on individual and group levels, and what expectations and challenges should be addressed.

According to the context and purpose, CPL trainings can be designed for small or large groups (30, 50 or more..) because of participatory methodologies that enable the interaction of many people.

Open training programmes

In-house trainings

For some specific topics, we offer open trainings for participants with different backgrounds – to learn, explore and practice together!  Open trainings are delivered by a team of dedicated experts and is the excellence-based learning opportunity that enables broadening perspectives and building relations beyond organizational boundaries!

Topics include:

  • The Art of Participatory Leadership
  • Facilitation skills
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Open Space Technology 

Please get in contact with us if you are interested in any of the following headlines, for tailor-made programmes to tackle your needs:

  • Leadership development for managers
  • Participatory Leadership
  • Navigating in change and complexity
  • Facilitation skills
  • Trainer skills
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

The Art of Participatory Leadership

When our systems are craving for change, how do we create and hold a space for wise action and sustainable solutions to emerge?

Our flagship programme, enabling participants to learn how to involve diverse stakeholders in co-creating sustainable solutions for their complex issues, by combining Open Space Technology, World Café and Appreciative Inquiry into powerful large-group interventions. It is delivered as part of the global network of pratictitionars of the Art of hosting

Since 2004 this training is organized in Croatia with  focus on organizational  development and  complex challenges in corporate, private and public organizations where engagement and true collaboration is so much needed. Our previous groups were engaged as active participants of their own learning from the first day. They left the session with new knowledge, insights, tools and techniques – for themselves, and for their organizations. It
was also a rare chance for them to reflect, relax and renew their energy for what lies ahead. Previous trainings brought high diversity of participants and richness of experiences and ideas. As a hosting team, we are inspired by the people we meet and all the initiatives, ideas and opportunities to implement participatory approach.

Training is held in the English language. There are options for in-house deliveries upon request, in tailor-made versions.

For all details please check special dedicated The Art of Participatory Leadership Croatia web pages here!

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The magical combination

CPL trainings are designed as a combination of expertise transfer and participatory group process by covering three main perspectives of gaining new “knowledge, skills and abilities”:

  • Learning
  • Exploration
  • Practice

Learning is a process of acquiring new knowledge through theory, examples, case studies, observations and tryouts. All our trainers are senior experts and have bold knowledge and experience in the relevant areas which they transfer and share during “learning sessions”.  Participants learn consciously and unconsciously what increases the probability to evidence of new competency and use it in a natural context.

Exploration means engaging your mind around searching for additional inputs, stimulations and habituations that will help new knowledge and skills to become sustainable, real, and applicable in both simple and complex environments. Usually, it starts with questions like „what else, how and when to use this?“

Practice is a sweet essence of becoming ready to show what you know and are capable of. This perspective of training is focused on connecting your needs and organizational challenges as a practice background. Interactive sessions intend to be a “safe space” for trying out new knowledge and skills in front of the group, encourage all contributions and initiatives, design projects/implementation processes and receive immediate feedback from trainers and participants as a feed-forward for strengthening individual and collective abilities.

Therefore CPL training results are a combination of tangible and intangible outputs on an individual level (personal development) and collective level (organizational development).

General training results include the following outputs:

  • Learning methods for starting new initiatives and projects
  • Connecting the application of new competencies and real organizational needs
  • Design of processes for dealing with burning issues in a group/team
  • Integration and involvement of different stakeholders in an early stage of a project
  • Commitment and efficient implementation of action items designed by the group/team
  • Experience in how and why to use participatory processes
  • Better collaboration in a daily work
  • Building relations between participants in a very inspiring way
  • Sharing knowledge and experiences between practitioners and different networks (internal and external)

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