Focus of our work

Being a professional facilitator means being in front of the group quite often. However, in our heads, the spotlight is not on us – it is always on the group. Our work is not about what we want to say. It is about what the group goal is and how we are supporting them in reaching it. We strongly believe that our best contribution is enabling each and every participant to contribute her or his questions, doubts, information, knowledge and experience in the given timeframe, and to help the group to make use of it in the most meaningful way for their cause. The art of facilitation is in designing the proper process to make it happen, choosing the tools that will bring the inspiration, energy and flow into the group work and standing in the front with a „midwife-attitude“– supporting, but not doing their work. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

─ Margaret Meed

Stories from the field

We facilitate management workshops, network conferences, team development sessions, ideation sessions …  different group encounters in different sectors and and each and every one is the unique story. Not because we are aiming for it, but because each client, group or topic makes it different and special. We might use same methods but it will not be the same workshop. Because the content is not provided by the method but the people who are participating. 

Our aim is to support this unique contributions and special, always fresh insights and results. We are doing so by being very attentive to listen what the client needs are, using our knowledge and experience to propose the process that might be the best choice to get best possible results, and being fully present and open to adjust once when the group starts to work together.

You might check our reference list to get more insights about diversity of the topics and areas of application of the professional facilitation.