CPL Team

In our team, each member is driven by passion and responsibility for specific topics and projects. CPL is a place where we combine our knowledge, skills and passions to support participatory leadership! Sometimes other people from our network join efforts with us and make our projects even more special!

Jasmina Lukačević

Jasmina Lukačević works as human resources and organizational development professional, with many years of experience in corporate and private sector, both in management role or as external consultant, trainer and facilitator. She is also an expert in the IT sector in the area of Human Resources Management Information Systems, currently employed in the HRPRO company where she combines the best of technology and human resources processes.

Jasmina is interested in developing leadership competences and supporting organizational projects driven by collective purpose and real-time engagement across all organizational levels. Her work is based on designing and hosting participatory processes and conversations that matter “here and now” with wise and sustainable outcomes. She is The Art of Hosting practitioner since 2003 and Flow Game host since 2010.

By primary education, Jasmina is M.Sc. in Mathematics and currently attending university specialization in human resources.

Jan Hein Nielsen

Jan Hein Nielsen works a organisational consultant and coach and he has been working in the field of systemic organizational change and development since 1995 – both in management positions and as consultant.

Jan Hein Nielsen has especially worked with projects in organizational development, strategic human resource and the organisational capacity to grow innovation and implement change. His work has been in all type of organizations – Private Corporate Business, Public Administration and NGO´s throughout the world.

Since the beginning, Jan Hein Nielsen was inspired of the potential in leadership engaging and empowering resources in co-creating collaborative and innovative solutions, and he has made it a core competence to implement participatory governance and leadership in organizational development and as a capacity for leaders to train and practice.

Jan has co-founded The Art of Hosting/Participatory Leadership and The Flow Game and is the author to the book on the process of innovation, “Idea Development – from head to hands”.

Miljenka Plazonić Bogdan

Miljenka Plazonić Bogdan is a professional facilitator, trainer and HR consultant. She is using participatory group processes as an engine in establishing long-term collaboration and supporting further development and growth of the organizations. She is working across sectors, with many years of experience in the profit and non-profit sector.

Miljenka is an active member of the Art of Hosting network since the early stages of the network. She is one of the cofounders of the Impact Hub Zagreb, the first Croatian co-working space and a community for the development of entrepreneurs, that promotes entrepreneurship and its positive social influence.

Miljenka lives in Zagreb and works in the EMEA region, through CPL since its beginnings as Šesti oblik, and as an associate to several international consultancies.

Adrijana Strnad

Adrijana Strnad, PCC, CPF (Croatia) works as an executive coach, leadership trainer, facilitator and lecturer. Her greatest passion in working with organizations is Team coaching, grounded in almost 15 years of playing in the corporate arena, managing high performing teams in the field of Marketing Operations, Communications and Organizational Development.
Holding an endless curiosity in discovering how team dynamics, personal growth and business performance are connected, she helps teams of executives to facilitate organizational change by showing up as transformational leaders.
BSc in electrical engineering, with a postgraduate degree in management and years of training and corporate practice in strategic marketing and organisational learning, before launching her coaching and consulting practice she worked primarily in the industries of ICT and Telecommunications. 
She is an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator, Certified Points of  You Trainer, Licensed Four Rooms of Change User and seasoned  Art of Hosting Practitioner.

Petra Založnik

Petra Založnik is a trainer, facilitator, coach, narrative practitioner and evaluator who works with organizations across sectors in the field of complexity, innovation, leadership, organizational development, multiple-stakeholder engagement and quality evaluation.

Petra works internationally with strength-based approaches, which bring positive change in teams, organizations and partnerships. She is especially interested in building leadership competencies and learning ecosystems that help individuals and groups unlock the potential of collaboration and create a sustainable impact. She believes in curiosity, openness, respect for difference, boldness, professionalism and bravery.

Petra lives on the outskirts of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She holds a BSc in Pedagogy and Sociology. She is a certified ICF Story Coach, a member of the Art of Hosting community, and the Voices that Count network.

Jasenka Gojšić

Jasenka Gojšić helps people to take their dream seriously, to (re)design their lives and transforms their roles bravely and timely, and to form organizations that serve the development of the highest potential of all people in an organization’s field. She has been proactively engaged in Art of hosting community from 2010, and transformational learning community from 2013.

More about Jasenka and her work could be found on www.isoropia.hr

Blanka Lasić

Blanka runs her own company where she works as an HRM consultant, business coach, social skills trainer, facilitator and motivational speaker.

She started her new role after 3 years in family business and 7 years in corporate HR department where she was reposnsible firstly for selection during expansion, education and develeopment of HQ employees and after for whole sales network with 60 supermarkets and more than 1000 employees. Designing and implementing training standards, coordination of HR and sales projects, positioning HR as a strategic partner and being internal trainer were Blanka`s main responsibilites.  

Her greatest passion in working with individuals and organizations is leading people and organizations toward finding potential, unlocking it and express it in practise through different methods. Her philosophy is finding simplicity in complexity and bringing human back to human with participatory approach.

Blanka has experience in defining development need, designing development concept and implementing the concept. In her corporate experience she was known for her skill to motivate and engage people.

Blanka is a motivational speaker and lecturer on business schools for HRM topics. She is well known lecturer on Zagreb School of Economics, University for Economy in Osijek and Faculty for Organization and Informatics in Varaždin.