Our story

The goal of the CPL – Centre for Participatory Leadership – is to offer high-quality and creative opportunities for organisational and individual leadership development through participative processes! Why? We strongly believe that by supporting people to understand each other points of view and to contribute actively to their future, we could make a huge positive impact on the quality of life in our local and global communities.

CPL functions as a platform for the cooperation of a group of professionals who share the passion for co-creation, complex projects and long-term development of groups and individuals. In CPL, they connect their professions into unique stories, always about supporting groups in creating and achieving their purpose.

CPL started in January 2005, as a boutique consultancy Šesti oblik, inspired by the potential of bringing participatory processes into the local reality of Croatia. With the growth of our presence from local to international and becoming a stronger and even more diverse team, in 2017. we transformed our brand into the Centre for Participatory Leadership. We aim to continue to be one of the international centres to which learners will be attracted and the centre where new developments in PL will be grown and joined with the efforts of our colleagues worldwide.


Photo by Maja Kurečić Strgar, all right reserved

CPL is an agile, project organisation – flexible but with a strong common understanding of how we deliver our services with quality. Our principles and values are at the core, and we find them very important: 

  • We use facilitation skills and diverse participative methods to support groups, projects and organisations, so they can achieve valuable results
  • We are very clear when it comes to roles and responsibilities – of those who make decisions about the purpose of the process, participants and us as facilitators of the process or trainers
  • We consult clients and together we choose those methods which fit the context of the project
  • We take care that the whole process is properly designed, and if needed we do it for our clients end-to-end  – it includes having clear need, purpose, key people on board, expressed expectations, timeframe,  planned outcomes, invitation, event(s) scenario and follow-up steps
  • Through training programmes, we are developing competencies and increasing organisational capacity to deal with the defined topic – the outcomes are applicable knowledge and skill
  • We are inspired by working with intent and purpose, and by the potential of facilitating people – the same inspiration we are successfully transferring to others!
  • We love to work on complex projects, locally or internationally, and with groups with a high level of diversity – we like to combine our diverse backgrounds to support our clients in a very unique way.
  • We are part of several networks of peers – international facilitators and consultants – and we are exchanging our experiences and knowledge. We cooperate on some projects when we see the need and potential.


Part of our energy since 2010. is invested in opening Impact Hub Zagreb, an inspirational co-working place and support centre for entrepreneurs.