Design Thinking Training

DATES: 25-26.4.2024. 

LOCATION: Zagreb, Croatia

The methods of developing innovativeness in companies have evolved and changed over the years, with the focus increasingly shifting from technological or scientific possibilities to users and their needs as the center of innovation. 

Learning Design Thinking

Embark on a transformative two-day journey into the world of Design Thinking, tailored to unleash your creative potential and revolutionize the way you approach innovation within your company. This immersive training is designed not just to familiarize you with the Design Thinking process, but to deeply embed its principles into your approach to innovating products, refining organizational processes, reshaping business models, and enhancing every facet of your business operations. Gain actionable insights and practical tools to apply this powerful strategy in your day-to-day work, ensuring you leave not just inspired but equipped to make a tangible impact in your organization. Dive into an experience that promises to expand your understanding, challenge your perspectives, and empower you to become a catalyst for change in your professional realm.

Cocreating for innovation

As an innovation strategy, Design Thinking successfully combines the best of Human-Centered Design practices. The concept has spread successfully across various contexts – from corporate to social, for product innovations, changing organizational models, or solving social issues. Numerous successful companies around the world have adopted it as a way to move forward, to stay ahead of their competition and ahead of time. In this era of complexity, Design Thinking has proven to be extremely effective as it enables the inclusion of numerous insights and different ideas in a systematic and effective way, while at the same time providing everyone with a sense of creativity and passion. It is a simple and user-friendly approach, so learning the basics is enough to use Design Thinking in your business.

Design Thinking is a highly interactive group method. Through group work, new solutions are developed, and different techniques are learned. By learning the Design Thinking process, participants acquire simple techniques to guide group work so that the process can be applied in their practice.

What will participants gain by attending the training?

  • Understand the basic premises of Design Thinking – how to find the intersection between what is desired, feasible, and viable for business development, placing the user and their experience of our service or product at the center
  • Experience the cycle of the Design Thinking process
  • Get to know the key tools: Stakeholder Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Personas, Empathy Map, Customer Journey Mapping, Service Scenarios, Prototyping
  • Understand for which topics and in what way they can use Design Thinking in their work context
  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to apply Design Thinking immediately to simpler challenges in their environment

Who is it for?


The training is intended for individuals and teams who need to create new solutions in complex conditions. 

These are often experts and managers from service and product development , marketing, process improvement, strategy departments or team leaders who want to encourage and develop the creativity of their teams.


And many others who want to be more innovative in their work.


Miljenka Plazonić Bogdan


Miljenka is a professional facilitator, trainer and coach, with 20 years of experience of working in an area of organizational and people development. During this period she was often in a position to support the development of innovative products, business models and organisational design. She has acquired her experience in designing innovations through relevant educations and working within corporates and for corporates, as well as supporting entrepreneurs in different industries. She combines successfully her wide business experience and her deep facilitation expertise in supporting teams to create effective solutions for their future.

Read more about her on our team page!

Pricing and logistic


25-26.4.2024., 9-17 h


Training will be held in Zagreb, venue to be annouced soon


Early bird fee until 1.4.2024.: 570 EUR

Full fee: 670 EUR 


VAT (25%) is added based on Croatian and EU law policy, 



Training is delivered in English for international groups of participants.

Please do note that In case of groups with only Croatian speaking participants, training will be held in Croatian, with materials in English.

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