DATES: 25-26.4.2024.  LOCATION: Zagreb, Croatia The methods of developing innovativeness in companies have evolved and changed over the years, with the focus increasingly shifting from technological or scientific possibilities to users and their needs as the center of innovation.  Learning Design Thinking Embark on a transformative two-day journey into the world of Design Thinking, tailored […]

DATES: 14-16. February 2024, Croatia (Terme Tuhelj, near Zagreb). Again on the St. Valentine’s Day, in early spring, we will be having renown training with international participants! You can find all details of the programme, organisation and registration on the program website! This training is delivered as part of the global network of trainers in the Art of hosting.

NEXT DATES: 17-22.3.2023. This is the programme for trainers, faciltators, team and project leaders, scrum masters, team coaches and others looking for comprehensive training in facilitation skills, and seasoned practitioners wanting to revisit foundations. Inspired and informed by the IAF competency framework and professional standards for Certified Professional Facilitators, this training will help you expand your toolbox, sharpen your tools, level up your skills and fill your heart with inspiration and passion for mastery in this work and the opportunities it brings for impact.