Your next step in Visual Harvesting and Visual Facilitation

Date: Date for 2020 to be announced Location: Zagreb, Croatia – register to our newsletter to be informed!


This workshop means to dive deeper into Visual Practice. Be it Graphic Recording, Generative Scribing or Visual Facilitation – we’re looking at your individual actual challenges and potential next steps and take it from there. The workshop is set up to get you on firm ground in theory and practice to support meaningful change wherever you work.


The workshop aims to serve you who already work in one or the other way with viusalization: Trainers, Facilitators, Scribes, Graphic Recorders, Sketchnoters, Teachers etc. It’s for you if you want to dive deeper into how your visualisation and visual facilitation can contribute to the bigger picture of the contexts you’re working in


Collaborative taking of an inventory – where are you/we at the moment

Understanding of what’s out there – where do you/we want to head toDeep dive into listening and comprehension – developing our skillsetDeep dive into collective patterns of challenges and obstacles and the actual drivers of change – developing our understanding of the contextTechniques for meaningful visualization and visual facilitationPractice, practice, practiceSharing of different tools and techniques (also digital)

What to bring

Curiosity, boldness, daring to immerse, vulnerability, empathy, willingness to share and collaborate.

Your favourite markers and your favourite paper or tablet.

Your favourite theories and practices.


I’m kaa (Katrin Faensen) from Visual Facilitators. I’m an experienced visual practitioner and facilitator. My scribing is grounded in my 25 year background in integrative social therapy and group work. My 8+ years of working visually in very diverse fields, companies/organisations and areas provide me with a broad perspective of what’s happening on a collective sphere of realisation. This fuels my capacity to comprehend, foresee and mirror my clients situations. The feedback I get from customers about my abilities to see and support them is extraordinary. I am very happy to share the basics and next steps for building or strengthening these skills with you.


Miljenka Plazonić Bogdan from ITO, Zagreb, Croatia, is facilitator and professional trainer among other things she does as part of her HR consultancy work. She met kaa as a cohost of the AoPL training ( in 2018, where kaa came as participant and amazed the whole group with her graphic recording.

Together we developed this workshop to provide a platform for next stage mutual learning and collaborating, open to all who wants to deep dive with us into visual mastery!

We’re looking very much forward to working with you!