We strongly believe that only by connecting with others we may develop, learn and give more to our communities and clients.  The work of CPL and our experiences are very much connected with several colleagues and networks around the world.

One of the most important networks is the Art of hosting meaningful conversations,, which is to a large extent foundation of our work.

A special place in our work has cooperation with Toke Paludan Moller and Monika NissenInterchange (Denmark) and Jan Hein Nielsen, Hein & Nielsen (Denmark), co-founders of the Art of Hosting approach, who are actively supporting development of participatory leadership in our region since 2002. There are more colleagues who are coming in and are part of project teams, based on their passion and experiences.

You can engage with the community through

We appreciate a lot of efforts of the World Café community, and we are following developments in Appreciative InquiryOpen Space Technology community is also a place where we have many colleagues and we get many valuable insights. Flow Game is a special tool and we are proud to be part of a growing community of Flow Game hosts.



Welcome to the CPL web site! We invite you to browse through it and see what we are up to these days. If you have some questions, or ideas how we might be of service to you, please contact us, we will be quick in coming back to you! 

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